The 10 competences

We're working with local businesses, schools, colleges and other services to give people opportunities to develop their readiness for work. 

One of the first things we did was to ask employers what makes a good employee. 


This means you are good at cooperating with other people, sharing ideas and supporting others to get tasks completed.
Motivation and initiative
This means you have a positive attitude. You can plan your own work and get on with it effectively.
Digital skills
This means you know how to use email, the internet and the common office software found in most workplaces.
Numeracy and literacy
This means you have necessary reading, writing and maths skills to carry out work-related tasks.
This means you turn up to work on time, and can be relied on to complete your tasks properly and thoroughly.
Follow instructions
This means your a good listener, and can follow instructions accurately.
This means you can adapt the way you work when circumstances change if you need to switch to a different task quickly.
This means you stick at tasks, even when things go wrong. You learn from any setbacks, stay positive and keep trying.
This means you dress smartly and appropriately for your job. You speak clearly and respectfully to your colleagues.
This means you act responsibly and know how to build good relationships with managers, colleagues and customers.